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Sharing knowledge is a crucial aspect of my work. Having gained much of my expertise from others, I strive to pay it forward whenever possible.  To that end, I regularly offer workshops, intensives, and formal teaching opportunities. I am always happy to discuss projects and troubleshoot technical challenges.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to reach out to me.

The University of Calgary School of Architecture, Planning, Landscape

  • ARCH 680.07 -  Digital Systems and Responsive Environment Design:
    Harnessing the Digital to Enhance the Real

    This course will challenge us to imagine how digital systems can be designed to facilitate human interaction within the built environment. Can digital systems be designed to catalyze connections, conversations and individual empowerment in a virtually augmented (or virtual) world? We will approach inquiry through an artistic and technical lens. Together we will research and conceptualize the ways technology can enhance the senses. We will explore the potential of data, auditory, visual and kinetic based media to foster interactions between humanity and its environment. 

    In particular we will look at projection mapping, augmented reality, real-time reactive environments, gaming platforms, multi-channel audio, sensors and computer vision systems. Understanding the fundamentals of how interactive systems operate is necessary to build responsive infrastructures that benefit their users. To address this, we will gain a working knowledge of TouchDesigner, a popular visual programming language used by designers and artists to bring digital data and media into the real world.

The National Theatre School of Canada

  • Qlab Fundamentals
Crash corse in Qlab for live performance introducing students to concepts of cueing stacks, control systems via MIDI and OSC, multi-channel audio, and basic video

  • Mix and Mics
Introduciton to live sound setups for music and live performers. Introduced students to concepts of live mixing, EQ, compresion, signal flow, microphones, mixing consoles, cables and monitoring.

  • Sound Technology 1
An overview of sound technolgy for live performance including acoustics, Pro Tools, Qlab, Audacity, dynamics, EQ, effects, mixing, recording, signal flow, multi-channel audio

  • Sound Coach
Coachingand support for third year students during their final sound design productions.

2014 - Ongoing

I have offered the following courses as 18-hour intensives. Host institutes include Ghost River Theatre, The Univeristy of Calgary, One Trunk Theatre Winnipeg, and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia.

  • Projection Mapping for all levels

  • Introduciton to audiovisual design for live performance 
Overview of digital audio and video for live performance including sound and video hardware and software (Audacity, Max/MSP and Qlab)

  • Introduciton to TouchDesigner
An introductry guided voyage into the world of of Derivative’s TouchDesigner.  

  • Qlab 
An indepth survey of audio, video and show control using Figure 53 Qlab

2012 - Ongoing

  • I have offered numerous short workshops in Max/MSP, Projection Mapping, and Sound Technology


In 2008, I earned a BFA in Electroacoustic composition and Music Technology from Concordia University in Montreal. However, most of my knowledge and skills have been developed through hands-on experience, self-motivation, and online resources.

My primary teachers have been YouTube and message boards, as well as countless hours of improvisation and live performance. Since 2006, I have participated in numerous high-demand performances and rehearsals, honing my ability to work effectively with others and deliver my work efficiently.

Additionally, I have taken workshops and training sessions with notable artists such as Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins, Tim Hecker, Hans Tammen, and the team at Derivative Inc.



TouchDesigner, Python, Debian GNU/Linux , Max/MSP,  Arduino IDE
TouchDesigner, Adobe Creative Cloud, Cinema 4D, Octane Render, Redshift Render,  MadMapper, Fly Elise NG, SketchUp, Qlab, ProTools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live

3D Printing, Raspberry Pi, various digital audio mixers, Oculus,  DSLR still and video

Network admin, live sound, projection design, microcontrollers, sound design, computer vision, modular synthesis, systems integration, performance venue infrastructure design and installation