Teaching Experience

The National Theatre School of Canada

  • Qlab Fundamentals
Crash corse in Qlab for live performance introducing students to concepts of cueing stacks, control systems via MIDI and OSC, multi-channel audio, and basic video

  • Mix and Mics
Introduciton to live sound setups for music and live performers. Introduced students to concepts of live mixing, EQ, compresion, signal flow, microphones, mixing consoles, cables and monitoring.

  • Sound Technology 1
An overview of sound technolgy for live performance including acoustics, Pro Tools, Qlab, Audacity, dynamics, EQ, effects, mixing, recording, signal flow, multi-channel audio

  • Sound Coach
Coachingand support for third year students during their final sound design productions.

2014 - Ongoing

I have offered the following courses as 18-hour intensives. Host institutes include Ghost River Theatre, The Univeristy of Calgary, One Trunk Theatre Winnipeg, and Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia.

  • Introduciton to audiovisual design for live performance 
Overview of digital audio and video for live performance including sound and video hardware and software (Audacity, Max/MSP and Qlab)

  • Introduciton to TouchDesigner
An introductry guided voyage into the world of of Derivative’s TouchDesigner.  

  • Qlab 
An indepth survey of audio, video and show control using Figure 53 Qlab

2012 - Ongoing

  • I have offered numerous short workshops in Max/MSP, Projection Mapping, and Sound Technology.