Matthew Waddell

born 1984-Canada
puberty 1996-Canada

Hi I’m Matthew Waddell.
I’m a digital artist and educator based in Calgary, Canada and I use computers to make art.
I see creative expression as a lifelong pursuit and am fascinated by the changing world and human mind.   I try to make art that speaks to the things I see happening around me, hopefully someone can relate. 
I’ve always been interested in the strange, surreal and absurd - it often reveals something profound about who we are, and frankly, we are living in pretty absurd times.
Technology plays an important role in my work, both as a cultural phenomena and a powerful tool. 
I would deeply truly like to chat to you. You can send me an email here:
CV, Skills, Awards, Education, etc

Marigold & Swami (R.I.P.)