Matthew Waddell

born 1984-Canada
puberty 1996-Canada

Hi I’m Matthew Waddell.

I’m a digital artist and educator based in my hometown of Calgary, Canada.  By 'digital art' I mean the little digital baby that is born when humans and machines engage in the beautiful, frustrating, and often painful act of clicking each other's buttons and stroking each other's keys.  I’ve been doing this for about ten years and have birthed a wide range of hard drive consuming creations including digital images and animations, video projection related happenings, sound creations and interactive scenarios. You can explore some of them below. 

I see creative expression as a lifelong voyage, and I am fascinated to be undertaking it at this moment in history. I’ve always been interested in the strange, surreal and absurd - it often reveals something profound about who we are and seems more relevant than ever, given the absurd times we are living in.

I love sharing knowledge with people and try to teach as much as I can.

I would deeply truly like to chat to you about projects, comissions, workshops or life.


CV, Skills, Awards, Education, etc

Marigold & Swami (R.I.P.)


Qlab Intensive 2019 

18-Hour Workshop
January 31- February 3, 2019
University of Calgary
More info 

But Siri-0usly!_v001

Live Video Performance
February 13, 2019
The New Gallery, Calgary
Part of to the AWE performance series
to the AWE website

Blinken Brix

Interactive Projection Mapping
With Axis-Z Media Arts
February 14-18,
ATB Parking Lot (7 AVE SW + Centre ST)
Part of Glow Festival 2019
Glow Website


Blue Borders

Dome Projection Mapping
With Laura Anzola
Ongoing research and development
More Info

Red Earth

Theatre Video Design
With One Trunk Theatre &  GMB Chomichuk


Sculpture Projection Mapping
With Studio Incipio Modo
Fun things coming soon!

PAST EVENTS 2017-2018