Matthew Waddell

Hi, I’m Matthew Waddell.

I’m a digital artist and educator based in my hometown of Calgary, Canada. 

My art practice is rooted in fascination and apprehension of modern technology and internet culture. A dichotomy of attraction and repulsion drive me to create art which embraces and critiques technology.

I am interested in examining the ways technology manipulates our understanding of the world as well as our cultural and individual identities.

Through a process that is both organic and synthetic I create images, animations and interactive software programs which aim to distort the analog world through a digital lens. The results are uncanny - familiar yet otherworldly.



With Craig Fahner
July 20 - October 20
Alberta Gallery of Art, Edmonton
Part of Processor: Digital and Analogue Retranslations

Interactive Projection Mapping
September 20 & 21
More info coming soon


Blue Borders
Dome Projection Mapping
With Laura Anzola
Ongoing research and development
More Info

Sculpture Projection Mapping
With Studio Incipio Modo
Fun things coming soon!


Qlab Intensive 2019 
18-Hour Workshop
January 31- February 3, 2019
University of Calgary
More info 

But Siri-0usly!_v001
Live Video Performance
February 13, 2019
The New Gallery, Calgary
Part of to the AWE performance series
to the AWE website

Blinken Brix
Interactive Projection Mapping
With Axis-Z Media Arts
February 14-18,
ATB Parking Lot (7 AVE SW + Centre ST)
Part of Glow Festival 2019

Red Earth
Theatre Video Design
With One Trunk Theatre & GMB Chomichuk
Winnipeg, MN
May 15- 26